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Why you should work on your happiness level every day

Most of our objectives in life lead to one place….to be happy! When I speak with clients they speak about goals of health, wealth, security, better relationships, more confidence, improved self-esteem, reduction in negative feelings etc. and generally the ultimate aim is the same. To be happier. Happier people tend to live healthier and more fulfilled lives. Fact. For many years I have studied many aspects of positive psychology and the concept of happiness, well-being and confidence. Now I would like to share with you some of the thoughts I use with some A List celebrities and elite sports people to help them achieve their personal goals in life, and have more fun along the way 🙂

Happiness, unfortunately, does not happen by chance. Yes we do see some people with happier disposition, and they are probably using the techniques I will teach you as a matter of happy. So what makes you happy and how can you increase your levels of happiness?

Research shows that happy people tend to live longer, are generally healthier, make better decisions, are more cooperative, nicer to be around and are more energized and productive. How can you not engage in a process that raises your levels of happiness.

As a starter here are some things to know and do in order to raise those levels:

1. List down things you enjoy and ensure you do some of those things EVERY DAY

2. Reflect on the things you have that you enjoy, including the simple things like music, pets, home, family and friends

3. Take time to talk, even when you do not feel like it talking. We are social creatures and social interaction is good for us.

4. At the end of each time take time to reflect on things you enjoyed about the day (from a smile, to a meal or a chat you had)

5. Follow your passions – Do more of what you enjoy

6. Cut your screen time down and use that time to learn something new, read or go for a walk

7. Exercise more even if that means just going for a walk or up and down the stairs a few times!

8. Smile more. it’s contagious. 

9. Do something nice for someone. People can get much pleasure from giving – even if it’s a smile, a simple acknowledgement or a call to ask how someone is (sometimes the giver gains more in this respect than the receiver) 

10. Laugh. Watch a funny movie, YouTube Clip or listen to a fun radio programme

11. Give yourself a treat – it could be a walk, a favourite fruit, a warm bath with candles etc

12. Remember attitude is contagious so showing more happiness can bring more back to you

If you would like to increase your levels of happiness and well being why not book in to learn the strategies and techniques that will help you.